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A fresh approach to video advertising

A fresh approach to video advertising Pauline Malcolm

In today’s highly-connected world, it's inexcusable for brands to ignore the importance that personal networks can have on a product. Everyone interacts with their own audience these days, whether it's Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or YouTube subscribers. Tapping into the millennial generation in the right way can turn your brand from a simple product to a cultural phenomenon. Are you taking advantage of the talent that exists online? StyleHaul did, and it helped them achieve 15 million YouTube views since its launch.

By incorporating YouTube influencers, as well as celebrity talent, StyleHaul was able to mix the millennial's personal networks and the celebrity effect to achieve an emotion connection with the brands they promote. Join iMedia's David Zaleski as he speaks with StyleHaul SVP of sales Pauline Malcolm on why your brand can't ignore the potential of creative video advertising and personal fan networks.

Conversation highlights

0:00 — How StyleHaul gained 15 million YouTube views
1:00 — Using your brand to educate the consumer
1:50 — A fresh approach to video advertising
2:24 — Why an emotion brand connection is crucial
3:00 — How to incorporate product campaigns into videos
4:17 — What's next for StyleHaul?
Run time is 5:09

An interactive advertising veteran, Pauline Malcolm provides expert insight into what works and what is next in social media advertising. As SVP of sales at StyleHaul, she currently leads the global sales team, managing the advertising sales strategy and growth. Before joining Stylehaul in 2012 Pauline was director of national advertising sales at Condé Nast Business Group, Digital. In this position, she managed annual advertising revenues in excess of $17 million and oversaw a team of 16 senior sales executives and sales support specialists. Previously, she served as senior regional sales manager at MySpace, where she developed revenue-generating partnerships with key consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands such as Kraft Foods. Pauline has also held sales positions at About.com, Rhythm New Media, Shopping.com and Slide.

An interactive advertising veteran and global speaker, Pauline Malcolm provides expert insight into what works and what is next in social media advertising. As Senior Vice President of Sales for StyleHaul, the first global online video multi-channel...

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