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How to get the most out of social mobile advertising

How to get the most out of social mobile advertising Deborah Hanamura

As the number of Android activations outpaces the U.S. birthrate, the use of mobile devices -- often two or more at a time -- has created this new and compelling opportunity for advertisers who want to capture the attention of customers who are hanging out with their mobile devices.



Advertising to people on the go may have started with roadside signs and billboards. Now ads move with customers as they go about their daily lives to reach people wherever they are. Customers who are lining up at subway and bus stops, waiting for movies to start, and waiting in doctors' offices present important mobile social advertising opportunities that cannot be ignored.

Social media channels -- like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn -- have developed and debuted a myriad of ways to move from activity to activity with mobile device owners. In the early stages of such innovation, feedback and adoption can be mixed. Because social mobile advertising is relatively new, there are going to be a lot of experiments to get to the best and most effective ways to connect with customers. 

We predict that social mobile experiences are going to seek out the customers, rather than rely on the customers to actively log in to social channels. The Facebook phone won't be the last device that aggressively integrates social content with hardware. Facebook is also launching a new auto-play video ad platform, which might be unwelcome in desktop environments, but could be more appealing to customers who have time to kill.

Deborah is the Director of Marketing at digital agency Metia. She is known for creative direction, campaign strategy, event management, market intelligence, branding, sustainability, corporate social responsibility. Business development, strategic...

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