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The 2 biggest lessons we've learned from big data

The 2 biggest lessons we've learned from big data Leah Spalding

We need to get away from demographics

Sometimes, when we take a look at all the information being poured in by the multitude of new metrics, analytics, and measuring tools, it feels like we're having the same big message repeated: Marketing to demographics is a big mistake. Big data has taught us that centering on age, location, race, and gender is painfully obsolete.

Leah Spalding from Dynamic Logic speaks with iMedia about why "big data" has really become "rich data" when it comes to providing us with insights to move away from consumer demographics.

We need to enlist the help of psychologists, behaviorists, and neurographics to market better

Big data has taught us that in many ways, marketers need to become sociologists. New analytics tools have given us incredibly deep insight into consumer behavior, but it comes with the responsibility to learn the whole perspective about how we use the information responsibly in advertising. Big data has shown us that the information is so enriching that it's overwhelming. We need help to make sense of it all, let alone apply it to brand marketing.

Leah Spalding continues the conversation with iMedia by explaining why this is now the case.

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  Leah Spalding is the VP for Dynamic Logic’s Western Region, where she leads digital and multimedia ad effectiveness research for Fortune 500 clients as well as for emerging brands.  Spalding has over 15 years’ experience in...

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