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The Digital Dispatch: Mashable, GumGum, and YP

The Digital Dispatch: Mashable, GumGum, and YP iMedia Editors

Acquity Group will partner with Cycle Gear as its search agency of record.

AD-X Tracking announced that the company has opened its U.S. operations in San Francisco following rapid, substantial growth within the past six months.

Brainshark announced product enhancements designed to help mobile users access video presentations and courses in an even more streamlined, convenient way.

Epsilon announced that Kevin Mabley has rejoined the company as SVP, strategic consulting.

Gradient X officially launched its new programmatic mobile marketing platform.

GumGum announced the appointment of Ryan Schinman to its advisory board.

Mashable announced the appointment of senior executive Seth Rogin as the company's chief revenue officer.

payvia announced a partnership to integrate its mobile payments technology with Mobile-XL.

Reputation Changer announced the acquisition of Brand.com after a recent a six-figure deal. Reputation Changer is changing its name to Brand.com.

Socialbakers welcomed Helen Crowley to oversee its global client portfolio.

Switch announced the promotion of Scott Burns to its new executive creative director position.

Trapit unveiled a referral program to help accelerate its expanding enterprise customer base.

Trueffect announced it has entered into a new agreement with East West Bank to provide the company with working capital to support its continued growth in first-party data technology.

Unruly announced its social video product set for Vine. Unruly also reported new data: Vine tweets have nearly doubled in two months.

Valassis and Synergy Media announced an exclusive partnership for a new branding tactic called "THE WEDGE."

VisualDNA announced WHYanalytics, a new web analytics product that reveals the emotional characteristics of any website's visitors throughout the day, in real time, for free. WHYanalytics is the first of a suite of new products from VisualDNA which will provide clarity in audience segmentation and engagement across the online advertising ecosystem.

YANGAROO announced the beta launch of "Connector," a centralized integrations platform that ties together various systems related to spot distribution, dissemination of traffic instructions, and inventory management used by agencies, brands, and broadcasters.

YP announced that Patrick Moore has joined its leadership team as chief strategy and corporate development officer.

Editor's note: We list the companies and people alphabetically. Our bimonthly column is always looking for announcements, so please email them to [email protected].

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