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This week's top tweets (for marketers)

iMedia Editors
This week's top tweets (for marketers) iMedia Editors

Are you a marketer who wishes it was 30 percent more fun to keep up on industry trends and events? Then Top Ten Tweets is for you! This is your quick-hit tweet tracker, and we promise to always include a few that are either funny or worth a puntastic groan.

In this week's episode, we feature an iPhone iOS secret, the funniest tweet so far this year, must-see social stats (videos on landing pages can reportedly increase conversions by 86 percent!), an ironic Xbox hashtag that went global, and much more.

Want to be considered for the next episode? Use the hashtag #imediatop10!

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Congratulations to the following tweeters for being featured in this week's episode: @BrandonRSwanson, @jwhdavison, @badbanana, @ShelbyWhite, @praxsozi, @adamkmiec, @alangio, @shellypalmer, @stephengillett, @evankirstel, @DrVictator, @jwoodham.


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Commenter: Adam Kleinberg

2013, July 04

Bethany Simpson, you are just so damn Hollywood!