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3 simple ways to make your resume shine

3 simple ways to make your resume shine iMedia Editors

Spending many years at one company

If a potential employer sees that you have a track record of commitment and loyalty to one company, it makes your chances of landing that next career even stronger. Employees who bounce around from one job to the next are perceived as uneasy and unreliable. Why should they hire and train you if they feel you might leave?

Kelly Guan with Kin Community explains why a long history at one company is a big positive check mark on a candidate's resume, especially for startups and small companies searching for dedicated people.

A little tasteful bragging

Candidates (especially humble ones) might be apprehensive to hog all the credit on projects listed on their resumes, even if they deserve it. They think the lack of ego makes them seem down to earth and modest. However, employers want confidence and strength in their employees. A little bragging could be just what your resume is missing.

Bailey Dyer, brand manager at Olay, tells iMedia why the company looks for employees who show they're not afraid to tastefully boast about their career accomplishments.

Specifying your contributions to large projects

When listing line items on a resume, many candidates forget that employers don't care so much about what you worked on, but rather what you specifically did to contribute. It's great that your company does so much, but if you don't point out your individual contributions, then your resume will look like a list of your company's accomplished goals. You may have been part of a team, but you need to explain how you made a difference.

Bailey Dyer with Olay continues our conversation, explaining why this is something P&G looks for when reviewing serious, goal-driven candidates for high-level positions.

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