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6 reasons Vine could radically change marketing

6 reasons Vine could radically change marketing iMedia Editors

Six-second ads will save agencies millions of dollars

The average cost of a 30-second ad is $300,000, with higher end marketers shelling out even more for the long exposure. The problem is that the consumer attention span is much lower, which means marketers are wasting tons of money on footage many people skip or click past. Agencies and brands might not realize that they are burning through cash without the appropriate ROI.

Chip Scully, VP of online video advertising at Extreme Reach, explains why traditional advertisements might be too focused on building the message rather than getting the message across. He believes fixing this will save the industry an enormous amount of money, while increasing video ad effectiveness.

Vine provides double the impact of a banner ad

What if Vine shows us that the consumer attention span is even shorter than we think? We know from analytics that a consumer only looks at a banner ad for three seconds on average. Could the same be true for a video ad?

Leah Spalding, western region VP at Dynamic Logic, tells us why the six-second ad will serve as a learning tool for marketers to gauge just how long they have to tell their story.

Vine adds sound and motion to the marketer's Twitter toolbox

Marketers learned how to advertise on Twitter using only 140 characters or less, and the consumer loved it. While challenging, the industry eventually got very good at tightening up messaging. This has made Twitter one of the most popular social networks for the digital marketing industry.

Josh Dreller, director of marketing research at Kenshoo, tells us why Vine is even more appealing to marketers than simple tweets. He says images are much more impactful than text for the digital audience.

The six-second spot supports a brand's overall story

What if six-second ads could serve as a complimentary vehicle for longer, more in-depth video advertisements? Vine is showing us that short video content is popular with consumers. Instead of crafting an entire digital video strategy around a series of six-second ads, marketers could learn to use the six-second ad as a way to enhance and compliment longer pre-roll.

Tamera Bousquet, managing director at Piston, tells us why campaigns can be crafted using six-, 15-, and 30-second video ads to enhance the overall story they're trying to tell. Having many ad lengths (and using them wisely) could profoundly strengthen your messaging.

Vine will help marketers tighten up their messaging approach

Does having 30 to 60 seconds of video to work with spoil marketers? The consumer attention span keeps shrinking every year, but the ads are remaining the same length. The popularity of Vine is setting the stage for a world where 30 seconds feels like an eternity.

Tamera Bousquet continues our conversation, explaining why six seconds might not replace 30 in the near future, but the industry will use it to learn how to sharpen a campaign's message and achieve higher consumer engagement.

Marketers will learn to be more engaging

How long will a consumer watch your ad? As long as it's engaging. Traditionally, 30- to 60-second ads take their time capturing the audience's attention, but six seconds leaves no time for fluff. If you're forced to tell a story in six seconds, you'll learn to capture the audience right away. Marketers will take the lessons they learn from creating six-second ads and apply them when creating longer video advertisements.

Alastair Green, Team One's executive creative director, expresses his belief that while marketers love telling longer stories, engagement is the ultimate key to an effective six-, 30-, or 60-second video campaign.

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Commenter: Robert Hildreth

2013, June 16

What I found the most interesting about this article is that each video is over 40 seconds to explain why we should get our message out in 6 seconds.....and it is true...after the first few I watched I gave each speaker after about 6 seconds before clicking to the next page.

Commenter: Jo Oskoui

2013, June 11

Great article on VINE! Here's the 6-second summary: https://vine.co/v/blhOptHXhQx

Commenter: Ashley Edwards

2013, June 11

In your opinion, what are some of the recognizable brands best utilizing this new channel? I have my thoughts, but am curious about yours.