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Why Facebook "likes" still matter

Why Facebook "likes" still matter Glen Caruso

"Likes" give you data on more than just one person

One "like" on Facebook is more than meets the eye. Users have friends who usually share the same demographics, interests, and tastes. Here's why getting one fan for your brand can give your marketing team insight into a whole group of other like-minded consumers.

Data from all over are being mixed in with Facebook "likes"

Technology providers and big data are making it possible for marketers to get insights about Facebook users far beyond what their profile outlines. Data from loyalty cards, traceable tender, and many other sources are adding to a consumers interest graphs to give digital marketers a much clearer view.

"Likes" help Facebook gather qualifier data for marketers

Facebook profiles used to have 200 targetable interests for advertisers. Today, it's exploded and hundreds more are available. Marketers are now able to effectively segment audiences based on interests and target relevant creative thanks to a wide array of Facebook "likes."

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