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The reason your social strategy is failing

The reason your social strategy is failing Patrick McLean

Social media is an incredibly effective way to promote your brand and connect with customers. However, there's one clear aspect of managing a social campaign that is very easy to overlook. It could be the reason your strategy is resulting in low consumer engagement.

Patrick McLean, Capital One's VP of digital brand strategy, speaks to iMedia about the vital element your social blueprint might be ignoring. He also speaks about why studying consumer behavior on mobile devices could give you a strong "game plan" for your overall multi-screen marketing approach.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Worst idea for a brand
0:45 — Real time response
1:30 — Get your organization behind you
2:15 — Training for your brand voice
2:40 — Duel screen consumption
3:30 — Content curation
4:25 — Digital finance, digital wallets
Run time is 5:32

Patrick McLean is currently vice president, digital brand strategy at Capital One where he is responsible for driving enterprise social media and digital marketing communication strategy for this unique brand in financial services. McLean was recently named Chair of the Digital Innovation Committee for the Direct Marketing Association and is a member of Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Advisory Board.



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