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10 ways Facebook is trying to please marketers

10 ways Facebook is trying to please marketers Chris Tuff

Facebook is making big moves to create an operating system

With the announcement of Facebook Home, this company is moving deeper into OS territory. Here's why it is positioning itself as more than just a social network to attract mobile advertising dollars.

Facebook is avoiding hardware

Remember how we all thought Facebook was manufacturing a phone? It turns out Zuckerberg has no interest in taking the company into the hardware world. By choosing software, Facebook is sending the message to marketers that it is committed to growing as a digital advertising platform.

Facebook is moving from engagement to providing specific ROI

With much of its initial growth focused on content, community, and user engagement, Facebook is now turning its attention to providing specific ROI to advertisers. Here's what makes Facebook unique when proving investment return to brands.

Facebook is trying to own local and word-of-mouth marketing

The intimacy of this platform, along with the genuine connections users create, position Facebook as the best local and word-of-mouth marketing vehicle for brands. Here are two ways advertisers can win locally on Facebook.

Facebook is just as sophisticated as Google with targeting

Facebook has gotten a reputation for being inferior to Google when it comes to sophisticated targeting. Here's how Facebook has worked to squash this belief.

Facebook wants to be able to target users outside of Facebook

Facebook Exchange has made outside-in targeting a breeze. Now it's working to make data available, so users are targeted outside the platform.

Facebook wants you to know it is not Twitter

While Twitter likes to keep things simple, Facebook knows that things are only going to get more complicated. These networks have been compared and contrasted to death, but their approach is completely different.

Facebook is leveraging users' interest graphs

Brands need to understand the consumers' interests in order to market intelligently. Facebook knows it owns this space and is leveraging the data to attract more ad dollars.

Facebook wants to be interwoven into users' everyday lives

Soon, everything you do online will be contributing to an interest graph collected by Facebook. It wants this information to show advertisers that it is a seamless part of users' lives, and therefore ad experiences will achieve a higher engagement.

Facebook has a new philosophy: Done is better than perfect

Facebook is still finding its footing when it comes to digital marketing, but its willingness to quickly turn out new options for marketers is how itshowing their flexibility in the evolving digital advertising landscape.

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Chris Tuff was one of the first marketers to work directly with Facebook, beginning his relationship with them in 2005. Tuff brings his eight years of digital marketing experience and six years of social media and emerging media technologies...

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