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How to explain your job to a 10-year-old

How to explain your job to a 10-year-old iMedia Editors

Vice president

"Being a VP, it's not like being the VP of the United States."

Company: ThinkStreet

Marketing communications manager

"I am a marketing communications manager...which means nothing."

Company: Southeast Toyota Distributors

Managing director

"You know...God. What do I do?"

Company: Piston

Vice president of advertising sales

"What I do is, uh...are you familiar with your older brother or sister who's on Facebook?"

Company: BLiNQ Media

Territory manager

"Everyday I'm reaching out to brands and agencies and selling them digital banners."

Company: WhitePages


"I look at faces to see how people are feeling."

Company: Sensory Logic

Digital director

"What [it] entails is a lot of things that confuse me."

Company: Starcom Worldwide

National VP of sales

"I help brands connect with females."

Company: BlogHer


"We focus on understanding the communication needs of people."

Company: Burnham Marketing

Director of North American sales

"My job is to create research for advertising."

Company: GfK

EVP of product strategy

"I am looking forward and out into the marketplace."

Company: Collective

Associate Media Director

"If you're looking for your favorite toy, I make you find your favorite toy."

Company: Response Media


"Part of what I do every day is helping people to find love [for a brand]."

Company: Signet Interactive

Senior account executive

"I sell online advertising across a whole bunch of websites."

Company: Rocket Fuel

Director of earned & emerging media

"I've already lost the 10-year-old, the 10-year-old's like running off!"

Company: 22squared

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Commenter: Jeff Miller

2013, May 16

Wow- not a single one of these people even the ones who have kids can actually explain what they do in a way that a 10 year old can understand. Do they all all 10 year old kids know what a brand is without giving an example, understand what an ad is or is intended to do and understand all of the digital buzzwords. Was laughing out loud at all of these.