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iMedia Coverage of the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts

iMedia Coverage of the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts iMedia Editors

Check out iMedia's coverage coming out of the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts. And come back regularly as we post more interviews, news, and insights from this year's exciting event!

This just in: An open letter to agencies from the IAB's Randall Rothenberg.

6 reasons the 2013 NewFronts change the game for marketers

5 reasons the 2013 NewFronts surprised us (The 5 funny reasons)

Additional coverage

NEW FINDINGS: "Are native ads really more effective than banner ads?" and other eye-popping stats
Have you ever wished you could track where your consumers' eyes went when they were looking at your online pages and content, so you knew what was working (and what wasn't)? That's just one of the test mechanisms used to gather the consumer trend data presented this morning at the IAB NewFronts Insights Breakfast, part of the NewFronts week in NYC.

"Relevance is a deadline" says Digitas CEO Tony Weisman
Digitas CEO Tony Weisman spoke with us at the Digital NewFront about the relationship between "OPOV" (online professional original video) and native advertising. He advices brands to: not just "...jump into conversations" and instead "have something meaningful to add that's important to your audience."

Is online video the new cable? Randall Rothenberg responds
We spoke with IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg at the Disney Interactive NewFront. Find out if he agrees with an emerging sentiment that online video is following the growth curve of cable.

The NATPE response to the NewFronts
We spoke with NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) president and CEO Rod Perth, and industry insider Lori Schwartz at the Alloy NewFront about the impact of the NewFronts on the television market.

Confessions of an online video star
Blip's "Mostly Murder" creator and star Rob Huebel joined iMedia's Bethany Simpson on camera to give us a not-so-buttoned up side of the NewFronts. What does it take to be a star in online video? (Hint: being funny doesn't hurt.)

What is the agency response to the NewFronts?
OMD's Jeff Minsky shares the agency perspective on new content offerings, fragmentation, and the challenges agencies will face helping brands get the most value from the online video space.

Who named the NewFronts?
We had the chance to sit down with two of the original founders of the NewFronts: Jordan Bitterman, SVP at Digitas and John McCarus, SVP, Practice Lead, Brand Content at Digitas. Find out the secret story about why the event was started... and who actually named it.

6 reasons the 2013 NewFronts change the game for marketers
Marketers, it's time to pay close attention to what's happening at the NewFronts. Online video used to be a nice-to-have niche play in the marketing mix -- but those days are past.

Watch the Digitas NewFront 2013
Hear from Arianna Huffington, Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, Twitter, Google, Harley-Davidson, and more.

The NewFronts grow up
The NewFronts aren't a fledging event anymore. Execs and media folks are packing out major NYC event venues to talk about content from names like Ed Helms, LeBron James, and -- yes -- Jerry Seinfeld.

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