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How one brand campaign saved thousands of lives

How one brand campaign saved thousands of lives iMedia Editors

This years Cannes Gold winner in the promos and activations category went to Ogilvy and Mather, São Paulo, Brazil, for its work on the now famous "Immortal Fans" campaign for Sport Club Recife. They created thousands of organ donor cards and asked Brazilian Sport Club Recife fans to become donors, that way their body and love for Sport Club Recife could live on beyond them and hold the spirit of their team even in death. Neither Sport Club Recife nor Ogilvy and Mather could have predicted the amazing response or how this campaign would fundamentally alter Brazil's healthcare industry.

In this video, shown at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Austin, Texas, iMedia explains how this campaign went on to change thousands of lives and why it serves as an exceptional case study for impactful, society-changing marketing.

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"Torcida Jovem do Sport" and "Sport Club do Recife" images via Creative Commons.

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