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The secret word in content marketing

The secret word in content marketing iMedia Editors


What is Youtility? Simply put, it's the difference between helping your customers and selling to them. Every brand wants to sell. Marketers, for the most part, are hardwired to always be looking straight down the funnel and focusing on what action will lead to a sale or conversion. Youtility is a term that you need to keep front and center in your mind when exploring the content marketing space. It's different from what you've been doing.

Your brand needs to become a Youtility. Youtility is about being useful to, not just being informational for, the consumer. If you put out an entertaining piece of branded content, you're missing out on turning the reader into a potential loyalist. If you put out a piece of content that is helpful, and it's full of information readers will actually use in their lives, you're contributing to the consumer's quality of life, and your brand will earn a special place with them.

You want to make your content actually useful to the consumer. Don't just pretend; make sure your sales pitch is left somewhere else. Marketing needs to become a Youtility to survive in the 21st century.

iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with ExactTarget's Kyle Lacy about why this word is so important, and provides a good example of one brand who is taking Youtility to a new level.

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