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2 content marketing phrases you should never forget

2 content marketing phrases you should never forget Nancy Bhagat

"Random acts of marketing"

Content marketing can be exciting, especially when your brand puts copious resources in your hands. But beware of "random acts of marketing." Your content pieces should not be one-offs. Don't get so jazzed about creating a viral video or increasing page views that all of your content pieces become disjointed and don't relate to one another. Start with a coherent strategy, and build off your core plan when launching projects. Quality and consistency is better than a content marketing one hit wonder.

Nancy Bhagat, Intel's VP of global marketing strategy & campaigns, speaks to iMedia about why you should avoid "random acts of marketing" and where you should focus your efforts instead.

"Content marketing turf wars"

It's no secret: Marketers love a little friendly competition between one another. In the content world, this can lead to "content marketing turf wars," where marketers fight over pieces of the space and wrestle for superiority and authority. This is something you need to avoid. Instead, start small with little or no resources. This will force you and your team to be creative and work toward innovative ideas, rather than focusing on beating your competition. If you're able to gain respect this way, people will want to join and work with you, rather than against you.

Nancy Bhagat ends our conversation by explaining how she overcame her own potential "content marketing turf war" at Intel.

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Nancy Bhagat is a dedicated marketing professional with extensive experience across industries, audiences, and products/services/software. As VP of global marketing strategy and campaigns at Intel Corp., Bhagat maintains a strong belief that...

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