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Marketers confess: The worst thing I've seen at an event is...

Marketers confess: The worst thing I've seen at an event is... iMedia Editors

A seller getting drunk and having sex with his customer

If your boss sends you to an industry event, he wants you to network. Just be sure your one-on-one meeting doesn't take place in the bedroom.

A clumsy waiter sets the table on fire

What happens when a waiter accidentally sets a tablecloth ablaze? Pandemonium ensues. Service industry, please watch your step.

Emcee with a hot mic mutters some choice words

If you're a host or an emcee, always make sure your mic is off before you decide to badmouth the person you just introduced.

Keynote speaker flashes the crowd

Here's a tip: If you're a speaker or presenter, always do the fly check. The rest of the attendees might just get more than they paid for.

Attendee gets so drunk he falls into the hotel fountain

It's never a good thing when hotel management gets called -- especially if it's to take care of a wasted attendee damaging the property.

Tricking an audience of 5,000 to think they'll win a prize

A lot of event moderators think they are funny, but this one might have gone too far. Here's how to lose your brand loyalty in fewer than 10 seconds.

Bashing fellow attendees on Twitter

A lot of events will post their Twitter feed on a large public board. If you plan on bashing a fellow attendee, you might want to rethink that summit hashtag.

Anything that happens after midnight

Finally, it's generally agreed upon by most event attendees that nothing good ever happens after midnight. If you find yourself withdrawing money at 1 a.m., you might want to rethink your next move.

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"Shocked Girl" image via Shutterstock.

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