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3 campaigns that prove Coca-Cola is mastering content marketing

3 campaigns that prove Coca-Cola is mastering content marketing Brynn Bardacke

The "Where will happiness strike next?" campaign

Coca-Cola asked itself a simple question: How do people experience the brand? Often, it's through a vending machine. Coca-Cola set up special vending machines around the world that gave out more than just Coke. Customers received cakes, flowers, and even prizes. The result? Millions of YouTube views from around the world and content that mixes real world customers with brand marketing.

The "Share a Coke" campaign

Coca-Cola wanted to make its brand more personal, fun, and shareable. So it created the ingenious "Share a Coke" campaign. On a select few bottles, Coke swapped out its name for some of the most popular names in different countries. Customers could give their friend or significant other a personalized Coke. The result? Millions of social shares, tweets using #ShareACoke, and posts.

Coca-Cola's ambitious "Content 2020" initiative

Lastly, Coca-Cola's goal is to gain a "disproportionate share of popular culture." To do this, it launched its "Content 2020" initiative, moving beyond only creating social and crowd-sourced content to creating actual story-centric content with artists, musicians, and actors. It's a bold move that is solidifying Coke's place as a content marketing leader.

In this exclusive interview, Coca-Cola's global group creative director Brynn Bardacke speaks about this creative content undertaking and the blockbuster results the brand has achieved in just a few short years.

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Brynn Bardacke interview edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Public indoor business conference for modern managers" image via Shutterstock.

The most glamorous role of Brynn Bardacke's 20-year advertising career was the time she spent as the Subway Sandwiches mascot. Thankfully, the mascot duties were limited to a single afternoon, and her future jobs did not involve any more costumes.

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