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Should marketers create content in-house?

Should marketers create content in-house? iMedia Editors

When marketers decide to get into the content marketing game, it's much like when they decide to get into social. They are unsure of whether to undertake it themselves or collaborate with knowledgeable companies. Here are the risks and benefits of both.

In-house content marketing

Pros: No one knows your company better than you. If you're at a level where you get to craft your own brand image using content, it's very appealing to have the ability to create custom content to represent your brand. In addition, your ability to be nimble and flexible is much higher. In-house, you can respond with more agility to breaking news and trends. You also save money because your team is already in place.

Cons: You run the risk of overworking your staff if you choose not to hire additional personal to handle the load. Also, the idea that you know your brand the best may be true, but you may not know the best way to get your content into the marketplace. You may end up spending more time and money creating your own content hubs and marketing arrangements than you would if you just hired externally.

Content marketing partnerships

Pros: Easy and simple. Partnering with companies that specialize in creating content for brands takes the worry away from having to navigate the field yourself. Partners can also suggest ideas and tactics you may never have thought of for distributing content. Having a partnership in place can also help maximize the consistency and frequency of articles and videos. In addition, you leave your time open to focus on other marketing initiatives.

Cons: Money, money, money. Content marketing is not cheap, and when you start to partner it can get costly. You will want your content marketing to be an ongoing exercise, so you may be locking yourself into a long partnership. You could give away some flexibility and agility because you'll have to connect with your partner for any strategically relevant changes. Also, if something goes wrong (e.g., an article is published that is contradictory to your brand message) you take the heat from consumers -- not your partner.

There are many pros and cons of creating in-house content vs. partnering up, and it all depends on the brand. In this exclusive interview, iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co, a company that specializes in distributing industry content to relevant publishers. Hall gives us his unique take on the content marketing game.

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Article written by David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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