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The 3 Rs of online campaign effectiveness

The 3 Rs of online campaign effectiveness Matt Bruce


For every campaign, you need to understand the audience who actually saw it. Don't be overly optimistic; be realistic about the market segment you were trying to target and the ones who you really reached with your message. Have a firm understanding of this audience to truly know your potential limitations.


For those who saw your campaign, you need to know if it resonated. How should you define resonance? Investigate if your campaign moved the needle at all with some of the classic purchase funnel metrics. Did awareness, purchase intent, or favorability increase? Measure those insights.


Lastly, there's no better metric for campaign success than a sale. Did the audience you reached resonate with your message and then purchase your product? This is the reaction you hope for, but you should also measure reactions that aren't so favorable. Good or bad, understand what happened with the three Rs.

Few understand campaign measurement in such detail like Matt Bruce, SVP and global business partner for agencies at Nielsen. He speaks with Crowdtap's Ian Tenenbaum about Nielsen's own Online Brand Effect solutions and the best practices for understanding how to adjust your TV/digital campaigns.

Matt Bruce continues our conversation by explaining the three Rs in detail and the various solutions that address each challenge.

Article written by David Zaleski.

Videos edited by Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

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Matt Bruce has broad experience in the media industry across the U.K., the U.S., Japan, and Australia. Prior to his tenure at Nielsen, Bruce held a number of senior positions with large media companies, spending most of his time working on strategy...

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