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The secret to maximizing television marketing effectiveness

The secret to maximizing television marketing effectiveness Claudio Marcus

Overnight data: Giving the entertainment marketer agility and power

The use of data to discover what is (and isn't) working has been around for a long time. Clearly, data is the best tool in a marketer's tool belt to make adjustments and steer a campaign in the right direction. However, the challenge for entertainment marketers is that they usually work on a much more severe deadline for results -- the premiere of the show they are marketing. For other marketers, they have the luxury of having overnight data to adjust campaigns and stay flexible. If click-through rate is low, it's easy to change display creative. It's not so easy to change an ineffective commercial. Entertainment marketers' biggest benchmark for success with ad campaigns is how many viewers they have when the show goes on air. Wouldn't it be great if entertainment marketers could track and analyze data instantly and make adjustments on the fly?

Automation and web-based reporting tools have made this a reality. With real-time metrics from on-air ad campaigns to paid media campaigns, entertainment marketers now have the instant analytics to make changes. They can now see if an on-air campaign is doing poorly and whether they need to scale up their level of paid media -- or if paid media on other outlets is a waste of time. It's this nimbleness that is finally giving entertainment marketers what they need for true television marketing success.

Claudio Marcus, executive VP of marketing and research, Visible World, speaks to Crowdtap's Ian Tenenbaum about why overnight data and analytics are the keys to effectively adjusting your television campaign's effectiveness in real time.

Article written by David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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Claudio Marcus is EVP of marketing and research at Visible World. He is an expert in advertising, data-driven marketing, and customer relationship management. Prior to joining Visible World, Marcus was VP and research area leader for...

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