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Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, Comcast, animal heroes, and raining food

Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, Comcast, animal heroes, and raining food iMedia Editors

"Brian Williams Raps 'Gin and Juice'"

Jimmy Fallon and his crew are at it again, this time with a brilliant mashup of Brian Williams' "NBC Nightly News" stylings and Snoop Dogg's (Snoop Lion's, Snoop whateverhe'scalledthesedays') "Gin and Juice."

"Comcast Doesn't Give a F*ck"

This video is making the rounds again thanks to its recent posting on YouTube. Warning: Explicit language (not for the faint of heart).

Pet heroes are the best heroes, no?

Get your tissues ready. The bonds between humans and animals can really be amazing, and these will definitely make your heart swell a bit.

Siiiiiingin' in the...cereal.

The Slo Mo Guys don't have a monopoly on slow motion videos. YouTube user SteveKardynal (who has some real gems in his library of videos) has some fun with food in a video he made to help raise awareness and money for the charity Action Against Hunger. A good video for a great cause.

Written by Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

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