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Viral Video Watch: "The Lion King," new beginnings, and those silly Europeans

Viral Video Watch: "The Lion King," new beginnings, and those silly Europeans iMedia Editors

"The Lion King Australia: Cast Sings Circle of Life on Flight Home from Brisbane"

On a flight back to Sydney from Brisbane, the Australian cast of "The Lion King,"broke out into an impromptu performance of "The Circle of Life." Not sure how much the other passengers are enjoying it, but it sure does sound nice.

"Jo's Implants are turned on and she hears for the first time"

We've all seen videos of people hearing for the first time before, but there's something about the visceral, emotional reaction people have that gets us every time. There is still some good in the world.

"Coke + Nutella + Mentos + Durex Italia world record"

Sure, this is another thing we've seen before, but it's the enthusiasm that makes this Italian guy win the internet this week. Billy Mays would be proud.

"Do It For Denmark!"

Everybody knows that Europeans are much more liberal with their portrayal of all things sexual on TV. Here the Danish travel agency Spies has cleverly turned Denmark's concerns about their aging population into an eye-catching ad campaign and competition.

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