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2 key tactics for reaching Gen Z through online video

2 key tactics for reaching Gen Z through online video T.J. Marchetti

Hiring Gen Z influencers for your online video

Generation Z is one of the hardest demographics to reach and connect with on an authentic level. This is a young group of ambitious, progressive, and outgoing people who are the first to be fully raised in a world dominated by digital and saturated in multiple online presences. Because of the explosion of social media outlets members of Gen Z live their lives digitally connected to each other. As a result, they have redefined the idea of the internet celebrity. When you think of internet celebrities, you probably think of Felicia Day and Grumpy Cat. When Gen Z thinks of internet celebrities, it thinks of Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds. Neither of these boys are actors or musicians. They are not known to their Gen Z fan base as being particularly special. They are simply living their lives on Vine, YouTube, and social media. Everything they publish is simple and relatable. That's what makes them so popular among their Gen Z fans -- they remind their fans of themselves. To reach this group, you need to loop in influencers you're not used to hearing about. Nash Grier will have a much greater impact on your marketing than any current actor or musician.

Curating Gen Z-specific tropes and elements to create original video content

If you're going to create original video content to reach Gen Z, you need to be well versed in its world. Gen Z can tell right away if something is inauthentic and will reject it immediately. How do you collect data on this group? Use focus groups and research what's resonating in the Gen Z culture. You're not going to know what to include in your online video content right off the bat, and the risk of guessing (and coming off as cheesy) is far too great. Once Gen Z has a bad taste in its mouth about a brand, service, or person, it sticks.

One man whose job it is to understand Generation Z is T.J. Marchetti, CMO of AwesomenessTV. He speaks to iMedia about his online video network and how it can serve as a model for other marketers looking to reach this young demographic through online video.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Three girls chatting with their smartphones at the park" image via Shutterstock.

T.J. Marchetti is CMO of AwesomenessTV, a leading multi-platform media company that serves the global teen/tween audience, and which is responsible for one of the most subscribed-to teen destinations on YouTube. AwesomenessTV was acquired by...

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