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3 Gmail innovations to watch out for

3 Gmail innovations to watch out for Mark Brown

Google has changed the way we see the internet.

The idea of the internet has gone from basements, coke-bottle glasses, and Mountain Dew to an easy, everyday occurrence that your grandmother could use thanks to Google.

Neil Armstrong once said that it is human nature to fight against the odds, as salmon swim against the stream -- but he didn’t say anything about the tsunami that is Google!

That's why it's important to find out what the giant is doing and, more importantly, what they are going to do -- especially if you are an email marketer. This article will cover three planned innovations Google wants to introduce for Gmail -- and vicariously, email marketers.

Proper presentation in promotion

Images are about to become a lot more popular in the promotions tab.

Gmail users will soon be able to view their promotion's mail in "grid mode" allowing them to quickly scroll through their promotional emails for the ones that they want to check out.

What this means for email marketers wishing to take advantage of this is that they will have to be resourceful with the limited resources the grid view allows -- the subject line, the sender name, the dominant picture, and the sender picture. Email marketers can check out how to get the most out of this feature here.

This change looks to be a victory for emarketers putting effort into their emails and using attractive design to win over their readers while mindless spammers are soon to be hit with the hammer.

Trials have been underway for this feature since March this year, so we can expect to see this change in the very near future.

SEO -- Search email optimization

SEO experts are about to become much more popular than they ever were in high school!

While this innovation is probably quite far down the timeline, it’'s a feature that could completely change the way we construct content in our emails and thus is worth a mention.

The idea behind this innovation is to give readers more options. Amit Singhal, SVP of Google Search, explains "So if you're planning a biking trip to Tahoe, you might see relevant emails from friends about the best bike trails, or great places to eat on the right hand side of the results page.

You can expect that content, keywords, relevancy, popularity, and properly formatted emails (from images to text) are going to determine which emails are featured on the right of the search results if Google’s current golden algorithm are anything to go by.

Get a little help from Yelp

Although this was mentioned as far back as 2009, this nifty little feature is available right now to all Gmail users who activate it in the Gmail labs tab.

Should this feature pass this stage of testing, it will become a standard feature to all users!

Any email that contains a Yelp link will provide information on that business such as their telephone number, type of business, a combination of five star ratings from Yelp users as well as the link itself.

Email marketers can use this feature to their advantage by including a Yelp link to give their company credibility as well as contact information to readers easily and clearly.

If you want to keep an eye out for future innovations, keep an eye on the Gmail blog or check out the Google labs tab in the Gmail client.

Mark Brown is a copywriter at GraphicMail.

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