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Viral Video Watch: Adorable kid interview, calling the cows home, and hot pepper video game review

Viral Video Watch: Adorable kid interview, calling the cows home, and hot pepper video game review iMedia Editors

This kid is "apparently" an internet sensation

People try to show you their "funny kid videos" all the time. They are rarely funny. This one, however, is pretty funny. If you haven't already seen it, well then apparently you aren't cool. Apparently.

Old McDonald had a farm...

And on that farm he had some cows -- a lot of cows -- and it seems that they really like it when he plays the trombone. It's oddly funny and definitely worth a watch.

Hot pepper video game review

About a year ago, Hot Pepper Gaming shot its first video by giving a habanero pepper to a guy and having him review a video game. It was hilarious, and the channel has taken off since. The channel is a one-trick pony, but that one trick makes us chuckle every time.

Surfing seal

If you haven't had enough adorable already from the "Apparently Kid," here's your second dose. This cute little seal pup decided that he wanted to make some new friends, and it just so happens that his new friends had a GoPro attached to the front of his board. Enjoy!

Article written by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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