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Viral Video Watch: Growing pains, dog faints from excitement, and Wal-Mart ice cream doesn't melt

Viral Video Watch: Growing pains, dog faints from excitement, and Wal-Mart ice cream doesn't melt iMedia Editors

Never let go, Rose!....er, Sadie!

The world is so cruel, and so unfair. The sheer weight of life is unbearable. Especially for this little girl, who can't stand the idea that her little brother will grow up. File this one under painfully cute.

This pup is so happy she passes out

We've all seen videos of dogs freaking out because their owners come back home from serving overseas, or just come home from work at the end of the day. But here's something that we'd not seen before -- a dog that's so excited to see someone that it passes out! You might want to turn your volume down a bit. While being extremely cute, this pup's got a set of pipes that could break glass.

Ice cream that doesn't melt?!

Apparently Wal-Mart's "ice cream" sandwiches don't melt? That's weird. Really weird. We're not going to make any assumptions about whether or not what the company puts in there is actually consumable, but anything that holds its solid state 50 degrees above its melting point probably isn't the best thing to consume. We'll stick to the real stuff.

Everything you loved as a child, all in one movie!

Hey Gen X and Gen Y, remember that thing you liked from your childhood? Hollywood's going to make a movie about it! It's gonna be nothing like how you remember it, because we're going to Hollywood it up, but it's gonna be SO AWESOME.

We love a good parody movie trailer, and this one is pretty funny. Happy Thursday everyone.

Article written by associate media producer Brian Waters

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