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4 ways Pandora turns big data into smart data

4 ways Pandora turns big data into smart data Heidi Browning

Capitalizing on the power of the logged-in user

Over 200 million people have registered with Pandora, and of that almost 40 percent return to the platform on a regular basis. Those registered users are providing valuable marketing information including their emails, zip codes, ages, and gender. In an industry that may abandon cookie tracking altogether in a few years, the power of the logged-in user is becoming more and more important. Having a user base from which you can pull metrics and insights-- without having to track random website visitors -- is extremely valuable.

The intellectual property around the Music Genome Project

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Pandora's Music Genome Project is the biggest and most unique taxonomy of musical information in the world. It's a data base of millions of songs from 2014 all the way back to the beginnings of recording music. Each song is analyzed by a four-year trained music analyst who catalogs each song using 450 distinct musical characteristics. This organization process is then used to direct the most personal and relevant songs to its users. Each unique playlist a user creates, every thumbs up/down that is given, and every station that is tuned into are all considerations that add to the unique personalized listening experience of each user. Add that to the information already learned from Pandora's logged-in profiles, and the company has amazing insights of its users.

Next, we'll look at the biggest tech trend coming down the pike that will elevate Pandora even further.

Having a presence on multiple and emerging devices

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Pandora is perched on the edge of consumer electronic trends. It is on over 1,000 consumer electronic devices and the list just keeps getting bigger. Recent trends have put Pandora front and center into the integration of connected cars. The connected car will be the future of the automobile, and with an interactive cloud based dashboard system, drivers will have the ability to download apps to their car much like they do to their smart phone. With the media experience in cars being mostly audible stimulation, Pandora has aligned itself to be a native app on many connected cars rolling off the lot. It's not too far fetched to think that Pandora will soon be able to gather location information on each of their users to add to their musical listening preferences.

Learning from user engagement data

Pandora streamed over 1.4 billion hours of music in November 2013 alone. This high engagement on the platform provides Pandora with a huge amount of complimentary data it uses to direct its marketing efforts. By understanding what people are listening to, where they listening, for how long and what time of day they are listening, Pandora is able to marry these insights with their existing logged-in user information for extremely targeted marketing experiences.

No one knows more about the huge growth and smart insights Pandora is creating like its SVP of strategic solutions, Heidi Browning. In this exclusive interview, she explains the 4 biggest ways the company leverages its big data and turns it into smart data insights.

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