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15 mind-blowing CES innovations marketers need to see

15 mind-blowing CES innovations marketers need to see iMedia Editors

iMedia's Bethany Simpson bravely traveled to CES 2014 to track down the new groundbreaking innovations that will transform marketing. What she found will surprise you.


Need an advocate for your brand? Never fear, RoboThespian is here! That's right, this life-sized human robot is designed to be programmed with messages to teach consumers about a brand, product, service, or particular subject. RoboThespian was the life of the party at CES, and with its life-like eyes and bright exterior, it's sure to add some spice to your marketing efforts.

Iris security authentication

Tired of remembering dozens of passwords? EyeLock has a solution for an everyday problem that haunts consumers and marketers alike. Myris is an iris authentication scanner that uses your own eye to access password protected documents, programs, and devices. This technology gives you a security of one error per 2.25 trillion attempts, making it far more secure than fingerprints and close to DNA authentication.

Motion-activated TVs for all generations

Say goodbye to the remote control, and say hello to HAL! No, not the "2001: A Space Odyssey" Hal. This HAL stands for human algorithm LTE. Using motion-tracking technology, HAL allows users to use their hands to control their TV. Gone will be the days where you will be tethered to a remote control. Hand gesture technology will be all the rage across all generations. The set-top box and smart TV market is about to get a lot more interactive.

Real-time 360-degree video capture

Video marketing has been a subject that the industry has been struggling to get right for years, and this year might well be the year of video. But could it also be the year of 360-degree video? VOXX has developed a camera that allows you to accomplish a breathtaking 360-degree immersive video experience for only $399. Soon, consumers will be used to interacting in 360-degree worlds with their video content. Will your brand be ready?

MIPS, or motion inverted pendulums: Smart (and adorable) mini-robots

In a cute and revolutionary surprise at CES, iMedia encountered MIPS, or motion inverted pendulums. MIPS are tiny robots that allow you to control small armies of these little guys to do basically any task -- or to simply have fun. MIPS are controlled through an app on your phone, essentially making your smartphone a remote control. Could we see some possible co-branded MIPS in the near future?

New Bluetooth speaker options now include furniture

From Ion, introducing the Ion Sound Lounge, high quality speakers disguised as beautiful ottomans to furnish your house or apartment. These neat devices can connect with each other giving you an amazing projection of your favorite music and podcasts. And with the variety of colors to choose from, consumers will be clamoring to get their hands on these awesome new devices.

Wi-Fi hotspot smart cars by Chevy

There's been a lot of talk about the rise of the smart car, but this year at CES, Chevy has taken it to a whole new level. This beautiful Chevy is GM's own version of the connected car, complete with a touch screen interactive dashboard, self-diagnostics, and (oh yeah) it's also a Wi-Fi hot spot with a radius of 10 feet. Soon, we will all be driving connected cars, and this beauty is just the first step in a brand new product line and marketing world.

Cases and devices that clean your smartphone

Devices that clean other devices? That's right, in a beta-version of "Minority Report," NueVue has launched an exciting new case for smartphones that cleans them physically and hygienically every time you put them away. Could this be the first step into a new product line for technological devices that will maintain and support our other technological devices?

Apps get more personal and social

The app world is booming right now, and as a globetrotting marketer, you are probably looking for apps that help you alleviate the stress of your journeys. Tripit, an already established travel app, is getting a new social media makeover. You can now share your alerts with co-workers, friends, or contacts that you are traveling to see. Have a delayed or cancelled flight? Find out immediately and share that information in real time. Marketers lives on the go are about to get a lot easier.

Smart-vapor cigarette alternatives

When it comes to new trends in smart technology, the Vapor X personal vaporizer is easily the most unique. E-cigarettes are gaining huge traction in the market, and Vapor Corp. wants to make sure its product is front and center as the most intelligent. This E-cigarette has fingerprint security, connects to your smartphone, and lets you track the amount of puffs you take to maintain moderation. This innovation serves as an example that brands can turn any product into a smart device.

Voice-activated thermostats and homes

The smart home is coming, and Honeywell wants to make it voice-activated, starting with your thermostat. Imagine waking up on a chilly morning and simply speaking to your wall to make your house warmer. The Honeywell smart Wi-Fi thermostat with voice control is the first of it's kind, and it's the beginning of a long line of products that will speak to each other and make your home as digital and interactive as possible. Soon you will be able to start dinner, adjust your living room temperature, and maybe even pour yourself a drink all before walking through the door. Will you soon be marketing on everyday household smart-products?

Google Glass RSS notifications through WinkFeed

Google Glass is gaining steam, and WinkFeed is the first independently developed app specifically for the device. This app allows you to pull in a custom and personal RSS feed so that you can get news delivered right to your eye throughout the day. WinkFeed represents the first in what will be an exciting new world of innovative Google Glass apps. Your brand should start to get in the game.

Connected living rooms going mainstream

The Roku, Google Chromecast, and the Apple TV have all shown us that our living rooms are becoming more and more connected. Not just to our televisions, but to every device we carry. In 2014, the connected living room will only become more connected, and our set-top boxes will be speaking to our iPads, smartphones, smart watches, and any other device you can think of. You brand should have a presence in this world, and the potential is becoming unlimited.

Geo-location travel games awarding socially conscious consumers with products

Rewards for being socially conscious? Saving the planet is not only good for humanity, it could also score you some delicious deals. My Open Road is a geo-location travel game that gives players a social responsibility score for every way they travel, and brands like Wahoo's Tacos are partnering to reward you if you are a socially conscious person. Branded partnerships like this are showing that companies can be socially responsible, all while achieving blockbuster marketing goals.

Connected homes talking to you and your devices

Your home will soon become a hotbed of digital activity as new products are introduced that exist to help you and to communicate with one another. Soon, every device in your house will coordinate with your other devices and make your home a connected home. Communication between devices is key, and in 2014 we will see a tremendous amount of connected products that make consumers lives easier and present exciting new marketing opportunities.

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