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4 marketing game changers for Pandora

4 marketing game changers for Pandora iMedia Editors

Mobility will be the key driver of the year

80 percent of all listening on Pandora happens on smartphones or other connected devices. Consumers are clearly moving in the direction of mobility and want to be able to access their content from anywhere on any device. There's a huge shift occurring within traditional media sectors. They not only need to adapt to the digital age, they need to adapt to the mobile age as well. Mobility is the biggest change that has occurred with consumer listening, viewing, and gaming habits since the advent of digital, and every industry from television to radio is still trying to find its footing. This year, Pandora's focus is on continuing to build a seamless enjoyable mobile experience for its listeners and subscribers to adapt to the clear direction of consumer habits.

Traditional and streaming radio convergence is at the tipping point

We are reaching a horizon where we will no longer differentiate between traditional and streaming radio. Already, subscriber based satellite radio is helping to define the new way this medium is distributed and consumed. Soon, it will all be digital and streaming, and marketing opportunities that were never before thought possible will arise. How accurate, relevant, and intelligent can digital marketers make their radio advertising campaigns? We are already seeing huge strides in this area, and with the line between traditional and streaming continuing to blur, creative marketers are going to have a field day with the new opportunities that will be presented.

iMedia attended CES 2014 to investigate the breakthrough strategies, campaigns, and technologies that will define the new year. In this exclusive interview, iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Pandora CRO John Trimble about the biggest game changers the streaming radio business will have to adapt to in the near future.

Consumers have become device agnostic

Consumers used to be much more rigid about how they defined their devices. Just a few years ago, seeing someone on a smartphone was viewed as a mark of status. An iPad was seen as an expensive toy. Now, smart connected devices are so mainstream and available that consumers have become ambivalent to their differences. Every device needs to do what every other device can offer, and consumers don't care where the content is coming from as long as they're getting it wherever they may be. For Pandora, this means a streamlined multiscreen and multi-component device strategy that provides listeners with the most seamless, consistent experience.

Consumers want their advertising to be contextually relevant

Consumers know that no matter what free service they use, they are going to be advertised to. It's been over a decade of mature digital marketing, and consumers have gotten used to it. However, the unforgivable sin that marketers can commit today is having their digital advertising be random and contextually irrelevant. If a consumer is going to listen to or see an ad in today's world, they want the ad to be helpful and personal. Targeting needs to evolve to a place where marketing messages are custom made for each consumer, and this includes streaming radio ads. Pandora's focus is to provide its listeners with messages that can actually help and inform them.

Pandora CRO John Trimble ends our conversation by explaining why contextually revenant ads and device agnostic consumers are evolving the Pandora marketing strategy for 2014.

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