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9 things desperately missing from marketer resumes

9 things desperately missing from marketer resumes David Zaleski

A "growth hacking metric"

What exactly is a growth hacking metric? In Silicon Valley, it's a term used to describe an accomplishment that was completed with very limited resources. Any marketer can accomplish big things if given a big budget. It's the marketers who take small budgets, assets, and human capital and produce blockbuster results who are the true employees of value.

Mark Friedler, VP of business development and sales at Cubeyou, speaks to iMedia about why you need to show how you've taken small resources and produced big results.

A good business understanding of statistics

In today's world of big data and information overload, it's not enough to say that you're a visionary and big thinker. You need to prove that you understand how to draw insights out of numbers and show how your conclusions helped shaped marketing strategies. Being creative and future thinking is great, but it needs to go along with a good, pragmatic comprehension of statistics.

Matt Bruce from Nielsen speaks about why you need to prove on your resume that you can draw insights from big data, take it seriously, and produce insight-driven marketing strategies.

A deeper understanding of mobile technology

Even if the job you're interested in has nothing to do with mobile, there's no mistaking that mobile has become a permanent part of the marketing industry. Mobile will only get bigger this year, and every marketer needs to have knowledge in this area. Whether it's in the app world, mobile banners, or responsive design, marketers who can show on a resume that they are knowledgeable in this area are very valuable. The industry has become so complex that employees cannot remain ignorant in any category, especially mobile.

Tony Winders, SVP of marketing for GumGum speaks about why mobile comprehension is such an important box to have checked on a marketer's resume.

Specific accomplishments that highlight your talent

The temptation on resumes is to list everywhere you've ever worked and everything you've ever done. People like to show potential employers that they have experience and are fanatic about completing tasks for their company. However, one thing that marketers (and the general workforce) need to remember is to make sure you list specific accomplishments that highlight your strongest talents. It's OK to not be a jack-of-all-trades. If you have a strong ability in one sector of the marketing industry and have produced big work, focus on those accomplishments as your main point of pride. Don't overwhelm your resume with a complex list of minor achievements. Make sure your resume is loud and clear about what you're good at.

Amy King, VP of produce marketing for Evidon, speaks to iMedia about why listing specific accomplishments is key during the hiring process, and why they need to somehow shine a spotlight on your main talents.

Showing that you have business experience

It's very important to agencies in today's world that they hire employees who are knowledgeable in the way a business operates. Many agencies are startups or young and emerging companies. They may be exciting places to work for those reasons, but it also means there are a lot of stakes for management. Show on your resume that you have experience in business operations and are well versed in how a company operates, and you will calm the voice in an employer's head that worries if the employee they hire will know (or care) about how they will stay alive against competition in the marketplace.

Dimple Thakkar, CEO of Synhergy Marketing, speaks to iMedia about why it is so important for employees to show that they have a business background, especially for young companies that are just starting to compete.

Perspective from multiple sectors of the industry

Marketers, especially those just starting out, need to have variety in their resumes. Employees who have worked in the ad tech, publisher, agency, and brand sides of the business are extremely appealing because they carry with them a full perspective and see the big picture about how the industry functions. Employees who move around to different parts of marketing also bring with them a ton of connections and a network of people they have worked with.

Alan Osetek, global president for Resolution Media, speaks about why you should show on your resume that you have interest and experience in multiple areas of the marketing community.

A genuine interest in big data

Not all marketers need to be mathematicians, but you need to show that you at least have a fascination and respect for the world of big data. With the rise of programmatic buying and further automation taking over certain redundant areas of marketing, it's becoming increasingly important for companies to hire employees who are not kicking and screaming their way into the data world. Learn to like, or at least respect, the role that big data will play in marketing's future, and make sure your resume reflects it.

Skills that show you can do content marketing

Content marketing is emerging as a must-have strategy for brands. Brands have to have a voice and something to say in today's world, and every agency will be tasked at some point to come up with a branded content strategy for its clients. With content on the rise, marketers need to prove that they possess a new set of skills to increase their chances of landing their dream marketing job. It will become increasingly important for marketers to show they have writing skills, knowledge of the publishing industry, and a handle on native.

Knowledge of the mobile ecosystem

Just as marketers need to communicate on a resume that they have a deep understanding of mobile technology, they also need to prove that they understand the mobile business and are familiar with the ecosystem. Technology is a big part of getting a mobile strategy off the ground, but it is only one part. Marketers who are well versed in the multiple manufacturers, providers, hosts, competitors, and distributors are very valuable because they know from day one how to navigate the mobile complexity and clutter.

Babs Rangaiah, VP of global media innovation and ventures at Unilever, speaks to iMedia about these three key areas that marketers desperately need to prove competence in when applying for new positions.

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David Zaleski is the Media Production Supervisor for iMedia Communications, Inc. and Comexposium USA. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film & Television Production, specializing in editing, animation, and...

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Commenter: Joanna Rustin

2014, January 10

Great advice for marketers, David. Like the notion of a "Growth Hacking Metric." I spend a lot of time working with venture-backed startups. Their growth requires pros who are innovative and resourceful and can do more with less.