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The biggest marketing hires of 2013

The biggest marketing hires of 2013 iMedia Editors

Moving? Check. Shaking? Check. Here are just a few of the industry leaders who moved into important new roles in 2013. Individually these new career steps are important. But if you view them as a group, like the list below, many of the biggest industry trends become crystal clear. Mobile, native, and location-based are all growing like weeds. And important shifts on the buy side are signaling the growing importance of digital as part of an overall integrated media mix. Check out the most notable hires.

The biggest marketing hires of 2013

Agency moves

Tamara Bousquet to SVP media at Digitas
Bousquet moved across the country and joined Digitas as SVP media. Reps say they fear and love her because she's someone who expects a lot but rewards great work with more great assignments.

Sean Cheyney to VP, sales and business development at Triad Retail Media
Cheyney joins this shopper marketing leader after some eight years with Accuquote.

Daniel Diez to global CMO at R/GA
Diez is known throughout the industry for aggressive moves to transform companies and brands. Watch R/GA over the next several months for what is sure to be an interesting time.

Charlie Fiordalis to managing director, digital at Media Storm
Fiordalis is a digital veteran with a great track record of taking digital to another level in many different industry sectors.

Judy Gern to director of digital media at D50 Media
Gern is a direct response pro and brings a wealth of experience to this acquisition marketing shop.

Bob Ivins to chief data officer at Mindshare
An industry first, this new role speaks volumes about how the agency business is expected to change and evolve over the next several years as data takes a leading role in all aspects of marketing.

Milan Martin to president at Grey Group in San Francisco
There appears to be more and more signs that the agency business in San Francisco is on the upswing, and this is one of them.

John Minty to COO at DDB California
Here's more evidence of agency investment in the San Francisco market, as DDB appointed John Minty COO of DDB West.

Jeff Maerov to SVP/GCD at DigitasLBi in Boston
This Taco Bell advertising vet gets to bring his magic to the makers of leading perforated pastry and rubber products Dunkin' Donuts and Goodyear, among other clients.

Amy Vickers to SVP of experiences at 360i
Vickers gained one of the more interesting titles we've seen arise in 2013. And it's proof that our industry is moving toward richer content and engagement to help brands connect.

Jennifer Ziman to associate media director, integrated at OMD in San Francisco
That's a lot of initials, and Ziman has a lot of talent. In her new role she is raising the bar on integrated marketing with Clorox brands.

Brand moves

Jason Acker to digital director at Diageo
Acker has spent his bright career on both the agency and brand sides. Now he's part of the adult beverages juggernaut.

Debra Berman to SVP, marketing at JCPenney
A great marketer in a tough job. A really tough job. Word is that she is shaking up America's iconic retailer from day one and getting it (back) to listening to what customers want.

CoCo Jones to head of brand partnerships, West at Shopkick
Mobile + location-based + shopper marketing is the hat trick opportunity that Jones has chosen for the next phase of her career.

Barry Judge to CMO at LivingSocial
This former Best Buy CMO and agency vet should be taking this leading digital media brand interesting places in the months ahead.

Rob Lynch to brand president and CMO at Arby's
Don't expect business as usual over at America's favorite roastbeeferie. In his first month he's already announced a creative agency review.

Brian Monahan to VP of marketing at Walmart.com
Monahan's strategic marketing and agency background makes him an ideal person to join the world's biggest retailer and make it a genuine digital leader. When Walmart speaks, everyone listens. And with Monahan around, it'll be saying some interesting things.

Andre Leon Talley to artistic director of Zappos Couture
If you want to see more evidence of the blurring line between editorial and retail, look no further. This Vogue veteran will be bringing a signature aesthetic sensibility to a retailer that's always making news. They won't be stackin' 'em high and sellin' 'em low over there with Talley and his couture sensibility at the helm.

Michael Wokosin to VP, digital marketing at Redbox
This longtime entertainment marketing vet is working to dial up the digital marketing at one of the companies that has really driven change in "the industry."

Vendor/publisher/PR moves

Matt Arkin to CRO at Federated Media Publishing
Native advertising, anyone? Arkin is a real thought leader in our industry, and now he's working to lead one of the most intriguing bets on the future of our industry.

Katie Couric to global anchor at Yahoo
Special question, especially for our older (and wiser) readers: In your wildest dreams could you have predicted that someone working for a Big Three network would ever leave that gig to join a web company? A sign of the times, friends. A sign of the times.

Kevin Doohan to EVP, marketing at Machinima
Count on Doohan for exciting career moves and a record of bringing deep and innovative digital content to life. This one is no exception, as Machinima is a fascinating video content play for young men.

Bill Harding to VP of business development at Poptent
Here's another clear sign that brand content and native are growing quickly as brands struggle with the new media world.

Rich Johnson to head of sales, North America at Drawbridge
As interest in cross-device continues to grow, Johnson has joined one of its most visible players.

Dayton Keane to VP, sales and marketing at Apsalar
Mobile is the name of the game these days, and this genuine talent has moved to an intriguing new player.

Chris Paul to global director of paid media at Edelman
The appointment of this VivaKi vet is yet another sign of our changing media landscape -- and a sign that Edelman aspires to be the strategic lead for more of its clients. Can't do that with earned media alone.

Matthew Shevach to SVP, ad solutions at Retailigence
Here's more proof that mobile is white hot.

Jason Shulman to head of sales at Spotzot
If you want more evidence that location-based is relevant, look no further than this career move. Shulman is one of the bright lights of digital business development and sales, and his decision to move to this mobile location-based startup speaks volumes.

Scott Spaulding to head of Eastern and Central field sales at Quantcast
Expect a lot from this veteran as Quantcast aims at more aggressive growth. The data and insight-powered media trend is heating up.

Tony Winders to SVP, marketing at GumGum
This longtime industry veteran is working to take marketing to a higher level for this ad tech startup.

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