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3 huge challenges when marketing to Gen Z

3 huge challenges when marketing to Gen Z T.J. Marchetti

Gen Z constantly moves between devices

Generation Z is finicky. These young people were born into a world where a digital existence is not only normal, but required and even expected. This generation was raised with the highest number of technological devices ever and a massive amount of personal online presence to boot. This creates an enormous challenge when trying to market to them because it's hard to get Gen Z to focus. These consumers are constantly moving from their computer, to their phone, then their tablet, then back to their phone, then to the TV, etc. They pop in and out of so many online communities on so many different devices that marketers face the obstacle of how to reach them at the right moment. This will be a giant hurdle to overcome.

People don't understand them -- especially marketers

It shouldn't surprise people that Gen Z is mysterious. Unless you're a teen between the ages eight and fifteen, you're not going to know who Nash Grier is (in case you're wondering, he's a popular Gen Z Vine celebrity). We're only really starting to learn about how this generation operates and how it is different from Millennials and Gen X. Marketers have limited resources in exploring consumers in this life stage because Millennials still make up the majority of the spending power. Once Gen Z emerges as a powerhouse that can compete with current dollar trends, marketers will be pouring money into figuring them out. By that time, it might be too late, so it's best to start thinking about this now.

They're not afraid to be truthful about your awful ad

If there's one thing you can say about this generation, it's that they're honest. Members of Generation Z are not afraid to be truthful and vocal about a terrible advertising experience. This group needs things tailored to each of them, as they were raised in a world of hyper-personalization. Gen Z expects customization in every aspect of life, and advertising is no exception. If you screw up and market in the wrong way, you'll pay for it on social media.

T.J. Marchetti, CMO of AwesomenessTV, speaks to iMedia about the biggest challenge marketers will face when Generation Z becomes a main focus -- and why you should prepare right now.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Confused businessman with paper head gesturing confuse" image via Shutterstock.

T.J. Marchetti is CMO of AwesomenessTV, a leading multi-platform media company that serves the global teen/tween audience, and which is responsible for one of the most subscribed-to teen destinations on YouTube. AwesomenessTV was acquired by...

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