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3 key mobile trends to watch


Personalization and relevancy will be taken to a whole new level

While we may not be close to the "Minority Report" situation where ads will know our names, mobile personalization is maturing every day. Our smartphones are the most personal devices we carry, so it only makes sense that marketers adjust their strategies to accommodate marketing messages to match the context of the device. Beacon technology is already giving us a preview into a world where location is used to provide context and meaning to advertising, and as the technology matures we will only see growth in personalized marketing. The best news is that consumers engage with messages more if they are personalized, meaning that you need to adjust your tactics on mobile to make sure that your brand is a help -- not an interruption -- in consumers' daily lives.

Mobile display will not die

Despite the moans and groans about mobile display ads, the practice will not die out like many of us would like. It will, however, mature to a place where marketers are not relying on it as a top tier advertising solution. Mobile display targeting will improve to the point where marketers will, at the very least, know they are reaching the right audience, but also clicks and impressions will not be valued as key success indicators. Display will serve as just one of several other tactics marketers deploy for mobile strategies.

No one has their pulse on the mobile world like Joao Machado, director of mobile for OMD. He speaks with iMedia at thinkLA's Mobile Breakfast about the state of the mobile landscape and why personalization will improve so dramatically.

Mobile video advertising will explode

It's pretty clear that when it comes to mobile, contextually relevant advertising experiences are key for consumer engagement. Native and content marketing (branded apps) are booming with smart phone users right now and marketers are enjoying good traction for a variety of campaigns. However, there is a need for direct advertising on mobile, and display is just not cutting it. Mobile video ads have emerged as a popular and engaging way to capture consumers' attention. Marketers have moved away from repurposing online and TV video ads for mobile use and have started to craft video campaigns specifically for mobile devices. The extra effort is paying off, and mobile video will only continue to grow exponentially.

Joao Machado continues our conversation at thinkLA's Mobile Breakfast by explaining why mobile video consumption is increasing, and why you should hop on the bandwagon.

Biggest mobile mistake: marketers treat it like digital

Joao Machado ends our conversation by explaining the one thing that drives him absolutely crazy about mobile -- the fact that so many marketers treat it as just another digital outlet. Mobile is to digital what digital was to traditional -- it's a whole new ballgame with an entire set of different rules. Marketers need to start separating the two in order to craft specific mobile strategies that aren't just repurposed tactics. Mobile requires special attention to be effective.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

Videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Cute cartoon guy with tablet, in various poses," image via Shutterstock.


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