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3 ways small agencies can manage big data for clients

3 ways small agencies can manage big data for clients iMedia Editors

Boutique agencies are an essential part of the marketing industry. Quite often, the most creative ideas arise from smaller companies that have the flexibility and fresh talent to think outside the box. However, small agencies still have to confront big agency challenges, and interpreting big data is one of them. Here are some ways to start.

Focus on your client's existing data before mining new insights

Big agencies are good at creating ways to mine new data and analytics for clients. However, for smaller agencies (especially creative agencies), the resources aren't always there to mine data correctly and efficiently. Instead of stretching your budgets and resources too thin, focus first on analyzing your client's existing plethora of data. There's no doubt your client needs help finding the story within.

Put a new and creative spin on your analysis

While big agencies are experts in many areas, one area they're typically not good at is taking big risks. When you're a massive agency dealing with massive clients, you tend to play it safe, even with your recommendations from data analysis. Smaller agencies typically have smaller clients who want new, outside-the-box ideas. Boutique agencies are also eager to prove they're unique and different. Offer fresh and original ideas to your clients about how they can act on big data insights. Give them an innovative pathway.

Expect to act like your client's marketing department

Small brands don't have the resources (or usually the typical structure) of their larger counterparts. Because of this, smaller clients often need their agency to step up and take more on, especially when it comes to analyzing and acting on insights. Don't be surprised if you start to look more and more like your client's marketing department. In fact, make it clear from the beginning that it's OK. You will become invaluable if you embrace the opportunity.

Marco Muzzi, marketing director for AcuityAds, spoke exclusively with Firehouse's media director, Nichole Kirsch, at the iMedia Agency Summit. In this interview, they discuss what life is really like for smaller boutique agencies when dealing with clients, especially in a world of big data.

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Article written by Senior Media Producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

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