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The biggest mobile headache for marketers

The biggest mobile headache for marketers Eric Franchi

Serving one ad that can run seamlessly across all devices

Consumers are multi-device users. Most people these days don't make a distinction between their PC, tablet, phablet, or smartphone. Thanks to the cloud, every device they own is its own duplicate of the other. Consumers use these devices at different times and in different situations. When they're on the go, they use their smartphone. When they're grazing or exploring content, they'll use their tablet. And when they're diving deep into a project or working, they turn to their desktop for support. With consumers bouncing around from device to device, it's become extremely difficult for marketers to keep up. So much time per campaign is dedicated to optimizing for each device, and seldom do these ads talk to each other to target users accurately. It's a huge problem that every marketer dreads when they craft creative campaigns, and it slows down the process.

So what's the solution? Responsive design and HTML 5 have become beacons of hope. If marketers can redesign their online infrastructure to accommodate these advancements, they will help close the gap between effective targeting and aesthetic consistency. Agencies should be investing in these digital solutions for clients.

Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone, speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson about why so much time is being spent on accomplishing device-agnostic campaigns and what you can do to make life easier.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Office Babe" via Thinkstock.

Co-founder Eric Franchi leads Undertone’s thought leadership program and media relations. In his role, Franchi acts as the company’s main spokesperson, commenting on company developments, and broader industry trends through the press, on...

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