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Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, "Orange Is the New Black," and crazy blood facts

Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, "Orange Is the New Black," and crazy blood facts iMedia Editors

Brian Williams' rap stylings strike again

The last time they did this was good. This time, it's brilliant. The lyrics flow so smoothly, it's almost as if he recorded it in a studio somewhere.

"Leaked: Uzo Aduba's OITNB Audition Season 1"

Bet you didn't know that Uzo Aduba auditioned for most of the other roles for OITNB. Here is her "audition tape." We can't understand why she wasn't cast as Poussey.

Wow, people did (and still do) some freaky stuff with blood

Um, this is one of those lists that you look at and can't believe that people ever did (or even still do!) any of these things. It's also one of those videos that you don't want to watch, yet can't look away from. What is our obsession with gore?

This dog loves the World Cup

This funny pup is super excited about the World Cup. Or maybe he just has a ball fixation. Either way, we Americans should all take notes. Well, maybe we don't need to be quite as excited about the World Cup as he is. But a little more enthusiasm wouldn't hurt.

Article written by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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