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Why brands are disappointed in mobile (and how to fix it)

Why brands are disappointed in mobile (and how to fix it) Eric Franchi

The problem: Brands are let down by mobile advertising opportunities

In a classic case of good news/bad news, advertisers now know where consumers are all the time: their mobile devices. The bad news? Advertising products on mobile have been seriously lacking the excitement and effectiveness that brand marketers need. Brands want a wide buffet of advertising opportunities and ad products to choose from. So far, technology has not kept up with the pizzazz brand marketers have been expecting, and they're growing impatient. There are only so many 300x50 mobile ad units and branded apps they are willing to invest in.

We'll talk about solutions next, but first, Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone, gives us a taste of why brands are feeling this way and why you need to address this problem.

The solution: Responsively designed ad units that change from device to device

One solution that is gaining a lot of traction is responsive design. It's already a huge challenge for advertisers to create separate pieces of creative to accommodate each device consumers utilize. Responsive design solves that problem and gives brand marketers intelligent ads that evolve as consumers travel from device to device. Ads that can react responsively and sense a screen size/usage context can alter themselves to become more relevant for the consumer. Imagine if an ad served on desktop is then served on a smartphone, except the second time its served it has evolved to not only look better, but have new information and functionality populated by location tracking. Same goes with tablets, which are more for exploring. Responsive design is not the only solution, but for the time being it is creating a lot of renewed interest in mobile for brand marketers.

Eric Franchi from Undertone speaks to iMedia's Bethany Simpson about why this solution is providing a lot of promise for the industry and some key uses you should be aware of.

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Article written by Senior Media Producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

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Co-founder Eric Franchi leads Undertone’s thought leadership program and media relations. In his role, Franchi acts as the company’s main spokesperson, commenting on company developments, and broader industry trends through the press, on...

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