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5 questions with...Chris Schaumann, Global VP, Digital & Social Marketing and CRM, Nokia

5 questions with...Chris Schaumann, Global VP, Digital & Social Marketing and CRM, Nokia Dan Brain

How has the explosion of video and social platforms influenced your marketing investments and strategic priorities?

The key to our marketing success is knowing our customers. Their media consumption habits have changed drastically as more media has become available online and as interactions have expanded into digital social networks.

As a result, we have for some time now been shifting our focus toward online video ad opportunities. Exceptional ROMI especially from Video Ads is further enticing us to deliver that successful storytelling format on Online Video Networks and harness the ability to continue the engagement with consumers post-view.

How is your investment in video changing your relationship with media owners and agencies?

The creation and curation of content is critical to engage consumers in meaningful ways. Most of our originally created content is produced in-house or through strategic partnerships; for example, Red Bull or CNN.

This is augmented by our agencies and sometimes media partners, who’s brief it is to deliver meaningful engagement, rather than just reach and frequency. Metrics like Cost per Engagement and Completed Views are becoming increasingly important to optimise our product consideration and preference building digital activities.

Where does programmatic fit in Nokia's video marketing strategy?

Programmatic buying is one of Nokia’s Digital Media Pillars. First with display, then with mobile and now increasingly with video, as the available formats expand in the AdExchange ecosystem.   
To what extent does the rise of digital and social media change the skill set of a Nokia marketer?

The marketer of the 21st century has certainly had to evolve rapidly and key skills sets and a new mentality are needed. We must all endeavor to be data-driven, always on and engagement focused.

Nokia decided very early on to invest in our marketing community and create a global digital transformation roadmap with training, workshops and self-help communities. We want to ensure that we continue to evolve and adapt and not simply look to external expertise.

How is Nokia’s product development supporting the rise of mobile video and better connectivity?

We create great smartphones and experiences for a range of budgets, from under £100 right up to the high end, which is enabling more people to join the smartphone revolution and enjoy mobile video.

You just need to look at the quality of the cameras in our smartphones, the 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 with optimized image stabilisation allows us to shoot a lot of our own video content on the product we’re marketing, and in unrivalled HD quality – there’s no better testament for fans and skeptics alike.

Our long history in networks and connectivity  has seen us drive technologies like 3G and more recently 4G forward to ensure people have the bandwidth to watch video on the go and with clever little apps like DataSense, the money conscious can keep track of their data consumption.

We also have incredible screen technologies like supersensitive touch that lets you use your phone with gloves when it’s really cold, and sunlight enhancements that adjust to allow you to watch wherever you are even on the sunniest of days.

Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisS35 and read his Advertising 3.0 blog.

Chris will be examining the evolution of online and mobile video speaking alongside McLaren's James Keady at the iMedia Summit on 24 April at BAFTA. Click here for details.



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