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9 Facebook hacks that will blow your mind

9 Facebook hacks that will blow your mind David Zaleski

Embed a post right onto your website

Click the arrow on the upper right hand corner for the post. At the bottom you will find the "Embed Post" option. Click it to get the embed code. Visitors can also like your page right from the embedded post.

Schedule a post right from your Facebook page

When you're drafting your post, click the clock button on the lower left corner. A calendar will pop up allowing you to schedule the day and time you want it published.

Know when your fans are online (the best time to post)

Facebook tracks when your fans are online and thus, the best time to post. Go to your "Page Insights" page, click on the "Posts" tab, and select the "When your fans are online" section. You will see a nifty graph of a week's worth of information on what days and times most of your fans were reachable.

Target your post to specific fans

While you are composing your post, click the target button right next to the scheduling button. Facebook allows you to target posts to a specific gender, relationship status, age, location, etc. The options are pretty mind-blowing.

Edit your posts when you make a mistake

Instead of deleting and re-posting, click the arrow on the upper right corner and click "edit." This will allow you to edit your post when you make a grammatical mistake or word something incorrectly. Nothing is more embarrassing than a brand having to delete an entire post.

Download the Facebook Pages Manager App

Manage your brand page on your smartphone and never be tied down to your desk again to do some social media management. Available at the App Store.

Target posts to specific languages

This is a great trick for reaching international customers and making them feel included. Click the target button when creating a post, scroll to "language," click "all languages," and a prompt will pop up where you can type in the specific language you'd like to post to.

Add pages to watch and track friends/competitors

Facebook now allows you track up to five other pages and keep track of "likes" right on your Admin Panel. At the bottom of the Admin Panel, click "add pages" in the "pages to watch" section.

Highlight posts you think are important

Don't want to spend the money promoting a post? Facebook allows you to highlight posts so they are front and center for your audience. Click the arrow on the upper right of the post, and scroll to highlight (next to the star).

"Bright closeup of magic twinkles" image via Shutterstock.

David Zaleski is the Media Production Supervisor for iMedia Communications, Inc. and Comexposium USA. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film & Television Production, specializing in editing, animation, and...

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Commenter: Mirlando Iquianicia

2014, September 06

My mind was not blown by the options that allowed me to show my posts to fewer fans based on age, relationship status or gender. I can see that being useful to some pages, but it's worth noting all it does is limit audience. Conceivably, better response ratio in a target group could trigger the algorithm show a post longer, but so far I've seen no reason to limit who sees posts.

Commenter: David Jr

2014, June 25

Quite interesting, but with FB constantly changing the algorithm, it's just hard to keep up. Thanks for the heads up :)