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How Pandora will dominate the connected car revolution

How Pandora will dominate the connected car revolution Heidi Browning

Traditional radio has always dominated in-car entertainment. However, if Pandora has its way, all of that is about to change.

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The world's leading streaming audio service is ambitious about its prospects, especially when it comes to emerging markets. Connected cars are one of them. Soon, all cars will not only be connected to the cloud, but might also be Wi-Fi hotspots. Cars are quickly turning into another device that consumers own, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The automobile industry is embracing digital, and it's creating massive opportunities for brands.

Pandora is one company that is salivating over the prospects presented by this trend. Imagine if a car operated like your iPhone and you could download apps (or have them natively implemented) and control your content experience on the go. According to Heidi Browning, SVP of strategic solutions for Pandora, this has been square in the company's vision since day one. Pandora exists to disrupt radio. Radio is easy, free, and ubiquitous. Pandora's goal is to be just as easy, free, and ubiquitous as radio. That's why Pandora is so bullish about being incorporated into connected cars. The company has already accomplished this on a multitude of other devices. According to Heidi Browning, the connected car is the last and biggest frontier.

Pandora is a brand that believes in the power of programmatic freeing up marketers' time to undertake more creative marketing endeavors. This is a brand that is fanatic about the prospect of native. By positioning itself in the connected car market, Pandora is acting on its marketing values. Pandora wants to be a native experience to its listeners, not something that must be sought out. This is why Pandora has such a strong mobile presence and continues to improve its app. It's also what has prompted the company to turn its attention to the connected car market in a serious way.

Pandora doesn't want to be something that drivers have to download onto their connected cars. To be truly native, the company wants to already be integrated into automobiles. Pandora is aiming for a world where a driver enters a vehicle, turns on the interactive dashboard, and Pandora is the first content experience that comes up.

The brand believes it is preferable to terrestrial or satellite radio because those platforms don't personalize a driver's listening experience. Pandora does. Not only that, but ads can be personalized, too. Pandora uses its subscriber data in really creative ways. It integrates its Music Genome Project (which categorizes songs based on more than 400 touchpoints) into the data already in hand about its listener's age, location, playlists created, previous songs listened to, time of day, and so on. With all of this information, Pandora is able to deliver a very personalized and pleasant advertising experience to its audience.

Heidi Browning ends our conversation by providing her perspective on native advertising from both the brand and publisher sides of the industry.

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