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Why e-book advertising is the next big thing

Why e-book advertising is the next big thing iMedia Editors

Ad-supported e-books to open up huge opportunities

In a world where more than one in five books purchased are now e-books, it's unclear why this area has been largely ignored by the marketing community. Since 2008, e-book sales have exploded by more than 4,000 percent, and it keeps growing. This trend is creating huge opportunities for marketers and advertisers looking to find non-traditional ways to connect with consumers. It will also open up new revenue models for publishers, authors, and advertisers. As a marketer looking for new opportunities, where do you begin?

No one is more knowledgeable about the potential being created by ad-supported e-books than Studio W CEO and President Brian Altounian. His company established itself as an emerging pioneer in this field by securing a patent for inserting ads into e-books. In this exclusive SXSW interview, Altounian speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson about why the e-book advertising model will transform everything.

Will publishers and authors get on board?

Marketers can prepare all they want for a world where e-books are monetized via ad revenue, but if the publishers and authors don't get on board then the strategy will never scale. The publishing industry is still reeling and adapting to the hard hits that it has taken from digital, and it's constantly looking for ways to increase revenue. With e-books, the revenue stream is already locked and loaded. Why take a risk with something new?

According to Studio W CEO and President Brian Altounian, authors and publishers should welcome this alternative with open arms. Consumers may be willing to pay good money for a new e-book, but they don't like to pay for books that were released 10 to 15 years ago. Even the library gives those out for free. By implementing an ad-generated revenue stream for older books, consumers will download them more, and the authors will cultivate new fan bases. Much like the internet today, consumers prefer to look at ads as opposed to whipping out the card for things they only mildly want.

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Videos edited by iMedia Associate Media Producer Brian Waters.

Article written by David Zaleski.

"Modern ebook reader on book on wooden background" image via Shutterstock.

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