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The key to unifying cross-device campaign experiences

iMedia Editors
The key to unifying cross-device campaign experiences iMedia Editors

Reigniting a culture of experimentation, mistakes, and partnerships.

[email protected] is a huge agency that is shifting the way┬áit approaches big challenges. When it comes to navigating the problem of unifying cross-device campaigns for consumers, its philosophy is simple: test as much as you can, partner with smart companies, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. At Unify Tech '14, this was one of the huge marching themes. There is no silver bullet for solving the cross-device consistency challenge marketers are trying desperately to solve. Many companies think they have the answer, but the truth is that it will take a mindset shift by the industry to finally address this problem in a real way. What is that mindset? Looking at this problem from scratch, and approaching it without fear of disrupting the norm. Will cookies go away? Most likely. Will new devices (wearables) disrupt any progress we make this year? Absolutely. But these aren't issues to be feared, they are opportunities to be a creative experimental marketer.

Alex Andreyev, director of omnichannel marketing at [email protected] speaks with iMedia at Unify Tech '14 in New York City about how his company is addressing these extremely difficult issues rising from our multi-screen world.

Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

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