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Viral Video Watch: "Dr." Charlie Day, Tony Hawk, and Super Street Fighter problems

Viral Video Watch: "Dr." Charlie Day, Tony Hawk, and Super Street Fighter problems iMedia Editors

"Street Fighter Red Tape: Blanka"

You wouldn't believe all the grief that Blanka has to suffer just to participate in this tournament. Hey, he's just a regular guy. Who's green. And electrocutes people.

Tony Hawk jumps a moving car

Mr. Hawk is still finding ways to keep things fresh. This is definitely another one for the "do not try this at home" list.

If the "Little Mermaid" were a shark…

Remember "The Little Mermaid?" What if instead of a mermaid, Ariel were a shark? This great spoof video has fallen a bit under the radar, but is well worth a watch.

Charlie Day tells it like it is

Charlie Day doesn't pull any punches in this humorous, yet insightful graduation day commencement address given at his alma mater, Merrimack College.

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