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Viral Video Watch: Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith, the World Cup, and otter piano playing

Viral Video Watch: Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith, the World Cup, and otter piano playing iMedia Editors

"Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off"

It's scary how much these two resemble each other. This is a pretty funny showdown between these pillars of their respective industries.

"2014 FIFA World Cup -- Time Zone"

The World Cup is coming! We are really, really excited. OK, not all of us. But one of us is, anyway. It's amazing to think about how many people will watch this single event at the same time.

Beethoven who? These otters are playing my jam.

Here's your weekly dose of adorable. Who knew otters liked keyboards so much? Apparently Smithsonian's National Zoo did.

Capturing a moment in time

Unfortunately, it's not often that an ad feels like it's worth watching -- one that truly tells a story or captures a moment. If you've ever spent a significant amount of time in NYC (or any amount of time, really), then you'll get all nostalgic like we did.

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