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Why unifying screens is the missing piece in a marketer's puzzle

Why unifying screens is the missing piece in a marketer's puzzle David Zaleski

iMedia traveled to Unify Tech '14 in New York City and discovered a conversation taking place that is top of mind for most marketers. The main question was this: How do I create consistency for my campaigns across all screens and devices? Right now, the industry generally approaches campaigns on a per-device basis. This is creating huge measurement problems and isn't giving marketers the full view of the success and impact of their efforts. iMedia spoke to Tapad founder and CEO Are Traasdahl about this key issue and how Unify Tech was created to help address -- and solve -- these woes for marketers.

Article written by Senior Media Producer David Zaleski.

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David Zaleski is the Media Production Supervisor for iMedia Communications, Inc. and Comexposium USA. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film & Television Production, specializing in editing, animation, and...

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