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Why you need to be a digital disruptor

James Mcquivey
Why you need to be a digital disruptor James Mcquivey

The old ways in which companies do business are quickly becoming obsolete. They are also leading many businesses to their deathbed. Why? Because the old ways of doing things are old, slow, and clunky. They don't match up to consumer expectations. Marketers need to do many things to survive, which in turn will make them digital disruptors. They need to take risks, invest minimally, and utilize platforms that will create the quickest solution to a customer's grievance. They need to make parts of their own business obsolete in order to survive, and they need to slough off the traditional fat that's been dragging their company down. Digital is not only changing the way we live as consumers; it's changing the way we conduct ourselves professionally.

No one knows more about this disruption by digital than James McQuivey, VP, principal analyst at Forrester Research and author of "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation." He speaks to iMedia about what it means to be a digital disruptor and the steps you can take as a company to avoid a downward spiral.

Learn more about "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation."

Article written and video edited by Senior Media Producer David Zaleski.

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"Businessman hand stop dominoes continuous toppled" image via Shutterstock.


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