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Why year-round testing is vital for paid search success

Why year-round testing is vital for paid search success Jeff Campbell

Marketers know their products well so that when it comes time to launch campaigns, they're usually correct about picking the right time to target. In the world of paid search, there are best practices that the commerce world uses to drive traffic and capitalize on hot online inquires. However, paid search should not be a one-and-done marketing endeavor. It's a tremendous tool for testing if you're really accomplishing the greatest ROI for your spend.

Jeff Campbell, co-founder and managing director of Resolution Media speaks to iMedia about why seasonal all-year testing with paid search could uncover facts about your success (or lack thereof) that you did not know. Here's why it's so important to have a strategy that leaves budget for experimentation with this important advertising tactic.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Flat design modern vector illustration poster of the SEO website" image via Shutterstock.

Jeff Campbell is the co-founder and managing director of Resolution Media, Omnicom's digital agency. Currently, he oversees client online marketing, social, and SEO solutions and is focused on strategy development, media integration, and measuring...

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