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The biggest mistake brands make on Pinterest

The biggest mistake brands make on Pinterest Meredith Rodriguez

Repurposing content from other social platforms, and not crafting it visually for the Pinterest audience

Pinterest is beautiful. What makes this social media network so unique is the bold way it has established itself as the most visual platform on the web. Pinterest users are not like other social media users; they communicate their thoughts by imagining, creating, and posting beautiful pictures and content. Unlike Twitter, where you communicate in limited characters, or Facebook, where you talk to your friends, Pinterest owns the idea that your passions, opinions, and ideas can be presented visually to spread a particular emotion or reaction. There's no other social network that has laid claim to this ground so aggressively.

Brands need to think visually to win on Pinterest. The biggest mistake they make today is that they still treat it like any other social media platform from a marketing standpoint. Social media managers love to save time, and with networks like Facebook and Twitter, it's relatively easy to make tweaks to content so that it fits in each environment. However, with Pinterest, it takes a talented graphic designer to communicate the same message in a visualĀ format. It's extra work, but for brands to be successful, they must invest in the resources to design image-based promotions to communicate on Pinterest. It's the only way you'll gain traction, and many brands are losing perfectly good traffic due to the fact that they haven't yet stepped up.

Few know more about how to win on the platform than Meredith Rodriguez, Pinterest's west coast lead. She speaks to iMedia about how entertainment marketers are excelling in this space, and expounds upon the biggest mistake you should avoid on the network.

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Article written by senior media producer David Zaleski.

Video edited by associate media producer Brain Waters.

"Man biting a laptop in frustration" image via Shutterstock.

Meredith Rodriguez recently joined Pinterest as a strategic partner manager. She joined Pinterest to build a Southern California presence and establish strategic relationships with clients from Southern California to Texas. Prior to joining...

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