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Viral Video Watch: 6 crazy jobs, heavy metal in odd places, and the boy who cried "literally"

Viral Video Watch: 6 crazy jobs, heavy metal in odd places, and the boy who cried "literally" iMedia Editors

These are some seriously crazy jobs

Everybody has to work. Some people have boring jobs. Some people have interesting jobs. And then there are the people who have jobs that you just look at and think, "What the...?" These are those jobs.

"Metal in Inappropriate Places"

We love a good heavy metal video. This one is pretty funny.

"The Boy Who Cried Literally"

Holla to all the grammar geeks out there! It's funny how a word can be totally misconstrued to mean something that it doesn't really mean. Especially when it's as overused as this one.

"Run Walter, RUN!!"

GoPro videos can be really great, and they are totally changing the way we look at video in general. You'll have to watch this video a couple of times to catch some of the details as this floppy Yellow Lab in Italy goes gangbusters for the ocean from his house.

Article written by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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