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The 3 don'ts of programmatic marketing

The 3 don'ts of programmatic marketing Gary Milner

Don't treat programmatic as simply a way to reduce cost

Programmatic is a strategy much like social is a strategy. You wouldn't do "a little bit of social," so why approach programmatic as a tactic just to reduce costs? If you give programmatic one job to do you'll never utilize it to its full potential. Cost reduction is a benefit of executing a well-crafted programmatic strategy. Don't lump it into the tactic category from the beginning.

Don't think programmatic is right for every client

Obviously, the needs of every client are different. Don't think you need a programmatic strategy for all of them. Some brands are seeing the greatest lift in customizable campaigns in the native and content arenas. Others need targeted, automated display and social campaigns to spread awareness. Offer programmatic solutions depending on what life stage your client is currently in.

Don't buy impressions - buy audiences

Programmatic operates best when audiences have been segmented and categorized by an intelligent DMP. Impressions are delivered at the highest level of effectiveness when you have audiences consuming relevant media, so identifying the right consumer can make or break your strategy. This means that you shouldn't use programmatic to deliver junk inventory.

Gary Milner, director of global digital marketing at Lenovo speaks with iMedia about the programmatic revolution and some key ways to take advantage of this trend.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Vintage tin toy robot" image via Shutterstock.

Gary Milner is currently driving digital marketing strategy at Lenovo, with a key focus on optimizing and improving the execution of digital media buying globally. He is an experienced all-around digital executive with over seven years of digital...

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